AWARD BANQUET: In the spring of each season CBSC will have an awards banquet that will be held after our Midwestern Short Course Championships which is normally towards the end of March.  The banquet will be held to recognize all of our athletes from the past years summer swim season and the fall/winter season.  At the banquet the team will recognize each swimmer with a participation award plus present special awards to those swimmers that have earned the following special team awards.

SWIMMER OF THE MONTH AWARD:  Starting with the October or November swim meets and continuing through the end of the short course season our coaches will select a swimmer or swimmers each month who have excelled in our regularly scheduled swim meets during each month of the fall/winter season..  

BEST ATTENDANCE AWARD: This award is presented to the swimmer(s) who attended the most practices during the season in their assigned practice group.  

OUTSTANDING MALE & FEMALE SWIMMER:  Each season a male and female swimmer will be selected as the “Outstanding Swimmer of the Year’.  The following point system will be used to select the swimmers:

  1. Time Improvements: 1 point will be awarded for each meet in which the swimmer improves their personal best time for the season in the majority of their events 
  2. Class Improvements: 1 point will be awarded for every event in which a new national Age Group Motivational Time Standard was achieved, 3 points will be awarded for achieving two standards in any event, 5 points awarded for achieving three standards,  and 8 points for achieving four new standards in the same event from their personal best time in any event
  3. Team Record: 1 point for any CBSC individual or relay Team Record.

OUTSTANDING GROUP SWIMMER: Outstanding swimmer awards will be given to the swimmer in each group that accumulates the most points towards the outstanding male & female swimmer but did not achieve the award.  

SUMMER SEASON OUTSTANDING MALE & FEMALE SWIMMER: This award will be given to the Male and the Female on the team that accumulates the most points during the summer season using the same point system outlined above.