At the beginning of each Fall/Winter season CBSC requires a team registration of all swimmers in the club.  Team registration consists of demographic information plus emergency and contact information.  A team registration fee will also be required of new and returning club members at the beginning of the Fall/Winter season.  This registration will cover swimmer registration into USA Swimming.


All club swimmers, club officials, and club coaches are required to join the USA Swimming Organization.  USA Swimming provides an insurance plan with membership to their organization.  This membership is imperative in order for CBSC to receive its club sanction and all rights and privileges provided to them by USA Swimming.


Our coaching staff will decide which swim meets on our swim meet schedule that each swimmer qualifies for and they will also decide which events they will swim in each meet.  Those swimmers that qualify TO BE ENTERED in a particular swim meet on our schedule will be posted in the weekly newsletter. It will then be each families RESPONSIBILITY to SIGN-UP their swimmers into those swim meets that their children qualify for prior to the posted swim meet DEADLINE. These swim meet deadlines are typically 2-4 weeks before the actual date of the swim meet.  A SIGN-UP NOTEBOOK will be located in the pool office for swimmers to register if they wish to swim in a particular upcoming swim meet on our swim schedule

NOTE: CBSC has to pay the entry fees for all our athletes that are signed up for each swim meet prior to the date of the meet therefore swimmers that do not attend the meet that they have signed up for will still be responsible to pay the entry fees.  

Each Monday during the season our head coach will have a newsletter available for all members.  The newsletter will be emailed to each family.  A hard copy of the newsletter will also be available in the pool office and it will be posted on the team website.  The newsletter will keep everyone informed as to the upcoming swim meets and entry deadlines, practice schedule changes, meet results, and other team functions and/or changes.


Besides our swimmers, the lifeblood of the swim club is its volunteers.  Below is a list of volunteers the club relies on to carry out the functions of the club

Club Liaison- During each practice session the club needs a volunteer to be available during swim practices to assist our parents with club procedures.  Please volunteer! 

CBSC Swim Meets- Each Fall/Winter season CBSC hosts 3-4 swim meets at the Titan Hill Pool and expects ALL parents of the swimmers attending the meets to help as event timers or assist with meet clerical work. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be available in the pool office. 

Swim Meet Officials- CBSC needs sanctioned swim meet officials to run all of our hosted swim meets.  NOTE:  If interested in becoming a swim meet official see our head coach.  

Swim Meet Hospitality Committee-  For each CBSC hosted swim meet the club needs to provide hospitality for visiting coaches, officials and club parents that are working our meet..  These committee members will work with the head coach to organize.  


A file holder for each family will be located in the pool office.  You will find fee statements, and meet ribbons in your file.