Regular Season  

Each season our Midwestern Association will sanction all swim meets being hosted by swim teams within our LSC.  Each swim meet will have a minimum or maximum qualifying time to enter based on the USA National Time Standards.  Examples:  B Minimum or B+ Meet means swimmers entering this meet must have a USA National Time Standard of at least a B Time in each event they enter when a B Maximum or B- Meet would mean that only swimmers slower than a National BB Time Standard can enter the swim meet.

Division I Qualifier Meet  

The week before the Midwestern Division I Championship Meet Midwestern will have a last chance qualifying meet for all swimmers that have not yet achieved a Division I qualifying time during the season.  Swimmers that do achieve any qualifying times at this meet will then be allow to enter those events in the Midwestern Championship the following weekend.

Division I Championship Meet

The Midwestern Association will host a Championship Swimming Meet at the end of each Short Course and Long Course Season exclusively for all the teams in the Midwestern Association.  The Midwestern Association establishes a separate set of qualifying times for swimmers to achieve in order to swim in this meet.  Since this is a championship meet individual and team scores are kept.  CBSC expects all team members that qualify for this meet to participate in these Championships.


Each season our CBSC swimmers qualify for or are selected for special swim meets that are not on our regular meet schedule. We encourage our swimmers to set goals of reaching these meets. Below is a short description of the qualifications needed for swimmers to participate in specialty meets.

Midwestern All-Star Meet

This is a senior level meet.  This meet is held during the winter and summer seasons. Any swimmer that has achieved the qualifying time from either the short course or long course seasons will qualify to swim in the meet. There are 8 sectional meets each season within USA swimming.  Each sectional has 8-10 LSC’s participating. 

Financial Support:  The Midwestern Association pays up to $100 for expenses.

Sectional Meet

Zone Meets are national age group meets.  The meet is held every year during the summer following the Summer Long Course Division I Championships.  Swimmers that have achieved at least one USA National AAA time can participate in this swim meet.  The LSC’s are divided into 4 zone meets throughout the United States.  

Financial Support:  The Midwestern Association pays up to $100 for expenses.

Zone Meet

These meets have a special qualifying time established by USA Swimming and published in the USA Rules and Regulations book.  This meet is open to all swimmers that have achieved the qualifying time.

Financial Support:  The Midwestern Association pays up to $400 for expenses.

National Championships

This meet occurs every 4 years. Swimmers must achieve a qualifying time established by USA Swimming.  

Financial Support: Midwestern Association pays up to $800 for expenses. 

Olympic Trials