A statement of fees which includes your monthly membership fees plus all other charges that were accumulated during the month for swim meets and/or team apparel will be prepared by the first day of each month by our secretary/treasurer and placed in your family file folder located in the pool office..  All balances will need to paid in full by the 15TH of each month. (i.e. October 1st statement balance will be due on or before October 15th.  If your family account is not paid in full by the 30th of the month nor have arrangements not been made with club administrator, Nancy Schomburg, your swimmer will not be allowed to be able to continue to participate in practice sessions.  If you need to make payment arrangements do not hesitate to contact Nancy at 402-201-6877 or nschomburg1206@yahoo.com


The Council Bluffs Swim Club will not prorate fees for those swimmers who start a month of practice but choose not to complete it. In order to be placed on inactive status or to change your status you must complete an inactive form and turn it in to our club liaison or Head Coach prior to the month in question.