This group is for the beginning competitive swimmer that is able to swim at least 25 yards on their front and back.  The swimmers in this group will learn the four competitive strokes in a swim lesson format.  Blue Group swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in selected meets.

PRACTICE:  5:30-6:15pm Monday through Thursday. 


Gold Group swimmers train in three or four different ability groups with a separate coach.  Our coaching staff will decide which group fits their ability and experience and they will also decide when to advance swimmers to a more challenging practice group.  Gold Group training stresses proper stroke mechanics through corrections and drills as well as more intense workouts at each group level.  The Gold Group Swimmer is expected to participate in the team meet schedule.

PRACTICE: 5:30-6:45pm Monday through Thursday).


Seniors are a selected group of swimmers which are mostly high school swimmers that want to make a strong commitment to train at a higher level.  This group will include intense training, technique applications, as well as strength conditioning.  Regular daily attendance is required in this group.   A competitive meet schedule that will require some traveling will be designed to fit each individual needs and goals of this group.

PRACTICE: 3:15-5:30pm Monday through Friday & 8:00-9:30 AM Saturday